I may be stating the obvious but

… this game does require you to walk :slight_smile:

Last week when an event drop was worth walking to (unlike today) I would walk to two near to the office every hour or so - it was only a 5-10 min round trip; while doing this I had a near endless stream of rare spawns and even the odd epic - 2 or 3 an hour.

The last couple of days I haven’t had the chance to leave the office and apart from the odd common spawning within range nothing; nothing in the distance either.

So yes you need to walk, but actually you don’t need to walk far to keep a good supply of DNA coming.

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You speak the truth.

people who sit at home or the office that complain about not enough dinos spawning are silly. I will say however that in Salt Lake City where I live, epic dinos are far too rare. I could walk for 2 hours and never see one which is a little ridiculous. Usually a few rares pop up. I also ride my bike to be more efficient but sometimes I can ride for over and hour covering several miles and no epic in sight. Putting lots of time into the game I have seen maybe 5 epics in the wild, so events have been very important to go to to make sure I get some epic DNA. I would love it if the game would make it so that epics spawned evenly over a geographic area so I could get slightly more. It always makes me laugh when people claim that someone is cheating because they have an epic dino at level 7. I’m like if you don’t have an epic at level 7 or 8 I don’t know why you’re not doing the events.

I remember that someone actually had asked the forum how they move in-game, so when you say something to the forum remember that stating the obvious may help a player out.

The only complain so far for me is the lack of supply drops in my neighborhood,… 4 of 6 are gone since the last updates, so it is more difficult for me to catch dino events, let alone choose the dino I want between those of the same days… :rage: So I just don’t waste time to search for them, keep darting everything that comes, except for the 6 or 3 total attemps in which I can manage to choose my dino.

Was about to start another thread about the “obvious” when I found this one I made earlier.

I have just realised that you always get the same amount of DNA in the free incubators and that it matches your level. Only taken me 18 levels to notice … it is also sad I am really pleased when it spits out 18 Velo DNA. May not be much but it adds up when you are grinding Indo.

Well, due to weight loss issues, I carry an Excel sheet with the hours that I walk through the day. From Monday to Friday of last week I walked 14 hours in a big city (Barcelona) and found in those 14 hours 4 Epic, less than one epic every 3 hours. Of course, I found many common and quite rare.

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I am lv20, and that 6h free incubator give me 20 DNA.

But…if you’ve ever notice, all incubators would increase their guaranteed DNA reward amount, based on your player level.

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