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I... may have been eager


Only used 50 to create, so about 397 average.

Head, hip, head, hip, repeat. Very slow and easy to predict.

With my 7,000 tournament reward, a good chance to make the hybrid. :hugs:


Nice! I’m being far too lazy to go out and do 24 attempts lol, pls tell us how Skololololsuchus is when/if you make it :slight_smile:

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Yep. Should be fine. Takes 16250 to create the legendary from level 1. (Assuming 20 avergae fuse rate)


And that assumption is what worries me. lol I know I’m gonna end up at 190/200

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I’ve had to do one or two Ankylosaurus G2 because Scolo didn’t start to appear until after nightfall, but I’m trying to go all out on this otherwise. Just a shame that it isn’t possible to get the hybrid as well with 24 attempts.

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Whoo! And it came down to the last fuse! Yikes.


Oh man congrats! I don’t Evan have scola… I might’ve tun out of data… and none are near my house… can I see the stats of the creature I might not have for 50 years? Lol.


I wouldn’t be excited if I wasn’t a completionist. :grimacing:


Man, that’s actually kinda good!

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Much too slow to counter any of the cloakers, aside from indom, with SI nullify. Probably just be 2 shotted and a wasted swap. Another big miss for Ludia. Also, slow does nothing when all the cloakers are immune.