I MAYBE would make your hybrid Idea into Realistic render

As said in the title, I just may’be would make your hybrids idea into Realistic model, depends on how good the idea is and/or I’m not busy about all my real life things lol

As of august 8 2022, forum is closed for communication, so request is also closed, , thanks for participating :+1:


My Discord: @PhantamosRex#2276


could you make my Hefeimoloch? you can read the ingredients below


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A few ideas, you can choose the ones you like the most if don’t feel like doing all of them (you probably won’t)

Sarcosuchus + Stegodeus
Alankylosaurus + Spinosaurus Gen 2
Scutosaurus + Ankylocodon
Carbotoceratops + Pachycephalosaurus
Diplodocus + Sarcorixis

Again, if you’re interested in any of these, you can choose which ones you do or don’t want to make, I don’t have any one in particular that I want you to do the most.


Probably my best hybrid

I know it could be considered OP by attack standards, but that’s what makes it fun

My ideas :
Inostherium + Hatzegopterxy
Aquilamimus + concavenator
Lystrosuchus + Argentavis
Poukandactylus + dreadactylus

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Nodopatotitan + carboceratops

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A hybrid I wish Alloraptor received, a hybrid between Alloraptor and Para Lux

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