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I merely want to understand the reasoning behind the re-re-undated drone speed

I admit we all were really hard on the initial change. Some got used to it, some merely adapted and most just were flustered.

I felt I at least managed to kind of make up for it when they fixed the change so that you didn’t have to fight for ANY momentum whatsoever. It was still no 1.6 but it was at least doable.

Now? I spend too much battery time trying to avoid overshooting the target (which I still do, regardless) that I don’t fire off as many darts as I could with the slower one, even.

I miss out on the equivalent of as minimal of 3 good/perfect dart hits to a max of 6 of them due to the irregular pacing of lining shots up due to the new nature of the beast.

I feel almost, almost, as though there are ex-Blizzard employees working for Ludia as they are infamous for going way too far in the opposite direction when implementing changes.

What were your team’s goals in making the change as drastic as it is now? Did you simply not have the exact data anymore to put it back to 1.6 levels? Did you want to experiment and see how far you can deviate from a model without receiving backlash? Seriously, what was the end goal here?

I have yet to find an epic to see if MAYBE it is easier to go end-to-end on particularly notorious dart subjects (T-Rex, Nodopato, Brach, etc.) but I have exceptionally little hope.

Right now, the common and rare darting is like pulling teeth and I would LIKE to think you will update the darting yet again to reflect the 1.6 experience.

That said, I don’t have hope and do not in any way look forward to hunting until that day comes, if at all.


I was a bit shocked to find how difficult it has suddenly become. It’s like 1.7 update but the speed of the drone has increased too much. I wanted it a little faster but not nitro boosted.


No, give it some time. The previous drone (around for a week), while pretty accurate at low speed had limitations on acceleration making it impossible to dart large epics with random darting points. After just one test of the new drone i can see the acceleration is back to its old self again and am very happy.


It hasn’t even been 1 day yet. :thinking:

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Ludia is having a problem with balancing things. The drone is too fast to even control it!

Whoever is in charge should be replaced with someone more experienced as last few major changes in this game are the final nail in the coffin. This game won’t last a year if they don’t roll back to 1.6 without boosts.


Look, not to call you a liar but I think maybe you’re just so relieved to not fight with the slow drone that you don’t understand the slight difference between the 1.6 drone and now.

I’ve been playing for almost a year now and I am telling you that while it’s closer to normal, it is too sensitive now. I did not simply get used to the slower version and have trouble adjusting back.

It’s a fine line to balance but it’s not back to it’s normal self. ‘Close enough’ doesn’t fly.

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The drone is great the way it is now. It has great acceleration, and the dinos cant just run away from the drone anymore. I think with time, most will love it.

Here’s an idea: would it be possible to customize the drone speed? Perhaps in settings you could choose between “fast, medium or slow” and then we could all choose which drone speed we prefer. Is this possible, or does the code simply not allow for something like that?


I feel like my drone is still crap. I’m certainly not getting the acceleration I use to. It feels even worse than the original 1.7 update. It just doesn’t feel right :frowning:

It would be nice of you could just change the sensitifety yourself. Then you van even adjust it to the type of dino your acctracting DNA of

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I weren’t that bad before 1.7, and after 1.7 the slow drone got me less shots but were more accurate so overall I improved my dna gains.

Now… Now I have no words to describe this drone other than it making me feel like a complete dope. I got less shots off because of it moved too fast and its far less accurate. What the hell Ludia? Are you guys trying to piss off people who weren’t as pissed about arena connections because they don’t play arena? Talk about a masterplan to get as many people angry as possible. Geez.


I didn’t mind the initial 1.7 drone either, but let’s be honest, complains were all over the place. The Forum, Facebook…

If they haven’t done something about it, there would have been a lot more cries about Ludia not listening.

I liked the old 1.7 drone this new updated one is horrible. Yea the old one was a tad slower but way more accurate now the damn thing is al over the place just wished they put an option for legacy / 1.7 drone movement on the option menu

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