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I messed up my line up

Guys any suggestions about my line up? The normal battles are really hard because of my ferocity.

If u have the will, sell everything above diplo level 40. If not, work on creatures to support the indos. e.g.
Tourney hybrids lvl 20 to 30 (lower if it is something like metriaphodon and lvl 30 if it is gorgosuchus)
Legendary hybrids level 40 (indominus gen 2 and you can soon fuse for indoraptor gen 2 and you can get multiple rajastegas from modded PvP)
Finally, just work on deepening

Hmm can we see some of the battles? I cant see any major drops in ferocity besides indo 10 to concave 40 tbh it’s all balanced from your level 40 vips

This is similar to @Jurassic_Fury lineup, maybe he could provide some assistance as he has no trouble with his PvE

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Thanks, will go for the deeping I guess. Took me to many effort to get these dinosaurs.

Oof that is nasty, I would say doable tho with 2 indos and a mono to lead.

The game is basically seeing your lineup and thinking right 13k ferocity dinos, so you need to build teams around that ferocity with different classes that can support your indoraptors strength, in comparison your vip 40s are 4k ferocity below that.

Either that or its sell your indos to make your PvE easier.

I don’t think you should sell that many Indoraptors. I would have if you had only 2-3 of them but 7 is too painful for me.

Instead of using 3 powerful dinosaurs each battle, why not try this playstyle?
For this battle, the first dinosaur can be a herbivore with barely above 1195 health. Your 1st move would be to 1 shield as the opponent can two shot you. The second dinosaur can an Indoraptor as it has more than 1791 attack. It will take four hits to kill the Ornithocheirus and 3 hits for the others. The last dinosaur can be a throwaway creature (i.e. L1 common).

I use this tactic most of the time and it kinda works. Hope this helps you!

Damn that’s hard, you have basically two choices:

Sell every Indoraptor and stay with other Dinos with an average ferocity, since you have no other class with same stats you will struggle a lot for example when you face 3 ostaposaurua level 30. It would be pretty hard since you would lose them.

The other choice is to adapt, go to the stats guide that is in the forum and search for similar Dinos with those ferocity from other classes, and work on them. You should always think in the future so eventually you will need to stuck with only tournament hybrids dinos, try getting some of them with similar ferocity.

I would go with 3 of each class at least to balance your battles, they will be 9 expensive Dinos but you will need them, that’s the cost of having a team of indoraptors, maybe you can get one each month or less.

Monostegotops and tapejalocephalus at level 40 can help and be free, also metria since it has a great attack you could use it at lower level, for the other I think gorgo is the only choice

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

metrias level 20, segnosuchus level 20, Vips level 40, and legendary hybrids, tournament dinos at level 40: eryops, proterogyrinus, tupuxuara, hybrids…
thats what i saw when i seeked line up alike…