I messed up


Accidentally clicked on evolving button on Gallimimus. 10k coins and 3k Gallimimus DNA wasted, just great.:+1::clap:


That’s why de-evolving should be a thing in this game. Even restricted to 1-4 levels down would be great.


All been there pal. I lost 20k once. They really need a confirmation message.


Same issue with me when my finger hit the power up button on my irratator when I wanted to make a irraptor but failed and lost dna.


Although I think de-evolving isnt workable (maybe give you an undo option until you leave the screen or fuse again could work) a confirmation button for lvl up would save people.


I think they should add a second confirm alert when evolving dinos. Dinos above level 20 is extremely expensive. If you accidentally clicked it, it will be a pain in the ass.


Or just make the button smaller. Only time I hit it by accident is when game freezed temporarily while I tried to scroll down.


Yep, 50k coin mis-click… takes me a week to save that much coin :cry:

Hit that billboard of an evolve button trying to scroll down. Support just chuckled at me when I asked for my 50k coins back via an incubator in my mailbox. No help at all.