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I met my #1 goal


I remember a time where I thought creating the indoraptor would be a dream. I was discouraged in the past with the raptor shortage, so I postponed creating indo. September 2nd, I started grinding enough raptors, and finally managed to add him to the squad :smile: After a couple of birthdays later, and the MANY hours of biking, I got to add my very first L30 to the team. You’ve eaten so many trex dna, but you are 100% worth it! When it comes time for the Indo event strike, let’s see who taps quicker haha. Happy Holidays everyone :partying_face: My queen is next.



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Bravo! Congrats! Clap clap clap!!!


Wooop whats your team?


@User1 @Kopas_25 thank you so much! :smile:

@CaptainNewbs this is my current team now. Working on thor, and probably replacing stegod soon haha. Now that I have indo out of the way, I can start saving up Trex for erlid :star_struck:


Wow fantastic!

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Well done! :slight_smile:

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My goodness, I cant even begin to image the hours and miles it took to dart that many raptors. Congregations and I look forward to joining you sometime in the summer of 2118


Congrats Justin…err… I mean Caleb! :grinning:

I can’t imagine the amount of biking required to gather all those Velociraptor DNA!! Also, the coins required for that 1 level up.

Good to see that your team has progressed a lot and now looks very strong and well balanced! Also, glad you are still continuing to play this game with hopefully same enthusiasm.


Congrats Caleb :heart_eyes:

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Bro! That’s amazing!! Congrats @Calebrys this is a huge moment for any JWA player!

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@wrothgar @Colin_Goodman thank you guys :smile:

@Creative_Screen_name Hopefully you will be joining me soon!

@torque Haha thank you Torque for your kind words! Gathering all those raptors was definitely challenging. The usual hunting night I would bike for about 1-3 hours, and dart all the raptors I could find. Grew to hate dracorex g2 in the process, but I enjoyed the challenge nonetheless :rofl:

@Dilopho4us Thank you Dilo!! :heart:

@Hersh Thank you bro! Its a definite moment I won’t forget :smile:


Wow congrats man. Posts like this makes me wanna try and dart a little more every day

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Amazing @Calebrys !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Ps the gif idea is really badass!! Love it! :sunglasses:

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@SaraCuriosa thank you! :heart: I even added this one for you. Postponed making my Indo fuse video, but now I have all my fuses recorded from creation to L30. This is going to be a fun video to watch and put together :smile:

@Mitul_C_Vaishnav thanks! I’m glad to help motivate in any way I can :smile:

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Congrats! That’s got to be so satisfying.

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