I might cry

Its been a while since I’ve woken up to a epic outside my door (use to have a rex every other day), and I finally got one.

Its not one I wanted. I did dart it anyway for 145


Dont sniff at him. I have enough to get him to level 20. In time he may be the most valued epic if they merge him with something special hehe


I used it for a while in the early days. Was a good choice against raptors. It lost its use quick though. Lol

I have mine at 15 with 1200 dna to spare.

Well, I think it’s a dino with perfect characteristics in case a hybrid is created with a dino with a lot of health, shield or bleeding. It is immune and has good attack tools. In fact, it has better tools than Thor, it is faster and above it is immune. His problem is that he has little health but crossed with a tough dino can be a real beast.
I ask for the Wherodotosauro, a hybrid with the wherosauro (of which I have a lot of DNA :slight_smile: