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I might have a problem

I got some new modern dinosaurs!
Two are pretty exotic and newer breeds.

A lady that lives in the city was selling them, and I was wanting to add a few more to my raptor pack. So I had to get them.

The Light Grays are a new hybrid breed called a Sapphire Gem, the dark girl is a Black Copper Maran I think.

You all want to help me name them? I’m thinking of naming one of the Sapphire Gems Blue for JW sake. They’re all very sweet.

My pack is already interested in them. Lol

So what do you all think their names should be? I’m a sucker for Final Fantasy and Mythical names.


Cloud would suit one of them, id name the dark one Ghirahim, after one of the best VG villains ever. I should point out I’m a Zelda nerd tho. :yum:

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I like Zelda!

They’re all hens, so I don’t know about Cloud. I also associate Cloud with blonde or blue eyes.

How about naming one of them Phoenix?

They’re beautiful! The mottled ones remind me of my pet hen from my childhood, whom I’ve named Chicken Pie. She used to lay eggs for me quite often. I miss having fresh eggs, but a balcony isn’t the ideal place for a chicken to roam, even if it’s long.


That’s probably the best name for a chicken I’ve ever heard.


I like Phoenix :open_mouth:

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I named her that after I heard I think Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes call a chicken Chicken Pie.


Thank you!

Yeah, a balcony isn’t the best place for a chicken. Lol

Yuna, Lulu, Rikku … I guess you can guess my favourite FF game?

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FFX is my favorite as well. :rofl:

Maybe the dark one I can name Lulu. :smiley:

I’m not an FF fan (all I know of the franchise is from those DBX videos), but when you say “Sapphire gem”, here’s what comes to mind:

(You can skip to 1:12 if you want)
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Call them… Original, Hot + Spicy and Zinger.

No. :rofl:

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All this mess when the most I know about FF is that Cloud has a big sword, and even then that’s cuz Square basically slapped Sakurai in the face

Are those lavender buff orpingtons?

I bought the dlc, but i have yet to play it again. it’s been months.

No, they’re Sapphire Gems. I only have one Orpington, and its my blonde girl.

I have 2 Plymouth rocks, 2 buff orpingtons, 2 lavender orpingtons and a silky.

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Silkies are pretty
I have:

2 Austrolorps (1 rooster)
2 Barred Rocks
2 Sapphire gems
1 Buff Orpington
1 Black Copper Maran

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