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I miss high noon gunfights like this

I’ve been having a heck of a time with the arena lately but managed to get a few good fights in. Got to finish a match like I used to before dodge was nerfed:

Tryo: Ready to Crush that beast across the way in one hit.
Indominus: If it dodges, Tryo is doomed and the match swings wildly back in their favour.

It could have easily gone the other way. I miss matches that get down to the wire, I have too many now that get decided before the first move due to a gross mistake in matchmaking.

Tryostronix vs. Indominus Rex was often one of my favourite match-ups, though, especially when dodge was 100% mitigation. Became a bit like an intense shootout.

What are your favourite titanic match-ups? I don’t mean the ones where you curb-stomp, and I don’t mean when you manage to kill the rat. I mean when you bring out one of your favourites, they bring out theirs, and you’re like, “Oh, it’s ON now!” and you’re genuinely entertained by the engagement (even if you lose)?


Um noThis text will be blurred

… “No” what, exactly?

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Although I don’t meet them anymore…
Indominus VS Alankylo. I’m sorry, did you just swap to Alankylo just as I was about to 2x ASR you? Here let me switch to the same, it is ON.

Also, Quetzal VS Erlidom. Sometimes they use MSS. Others, they Rampage straight into that dodge. If it’s the former, then it all comes down to whether or not Quetzal will dodge with SS.


When the opponent brings out a tryko after I’ve set up my gorgo. Still does 2700 damage even when they distract it.


Tbh I love intense fights and the adrenaline rush, but not when it comes down to rng and luck… Unpopular opinion: I’m glad they nerfed dodge, but I wish swap in dodge was still 100% of damage dodged


While the dodge mechanic was a form of RNG I not only accepted and like, I feel the nerf made it essentially useless. It’s worse than shields IMO.

The all-or-nothing dodge may have been hellish for playing with peoples’ sense of security, but boy did it add a tension that added excitement!


Yeah this is how I felt! Everyone knew when they used Dodge that they could either Dodge or not, and they knew that when they faced a dodger too. I loved it back then, but thankfully Dodge is still usable, it’s just not as good.

I used to love ankyntro vs. indo. It wouldn’t be the same now that indo has partial immunity, but in the past that was a really fun fight with both people trying to predict what the other would do. If you were playing ankyntro and guessed in what order the indo user would play their moves, you could chip even a higher-level indo down and win the battle. It was also great if the opponent evaded forgetting that ankyntro had a nullifying strike.