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I Miss Star Ratings

A lot of you may not remember this but a while ago, dinosaurs would be given star ratings based on their level. Here’s a screenshot from an old TheGamingBeaver YouTube video for example:

Does anybody know when this was changed, or why? I know it’s pretty random but they make me feel nostalgic and if there was some way to adjust settings so that you could view them again that would be awesome.


I think it was to help with processing and data the game used. I don’t know why it was removed either. Could have been something you can turn off and on.

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me too, this were the good old day
but they had to take it out when they started adding tournament because legendary were already max star!

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I miss star ratings to #old star bubby

Maybe one day we will see a return… one can only hope.

I’ll be the first to say it

I didn’t really care much for the star ratings in the first place


It was removed because they were counter-intuitive to the rarity system. Basically no point in having them, and they cluttered the screen. I can safely say I didn’t miss them.


me neither

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I remember the star system fondly but I’m fine with it being removed. What I really miss though is the gold border you used to get around a species once you got it to level 40. I think that got removed the same time the star system did.