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I missed out on an entire week of events, trades, rewards, SDNA missions, my hatchery my production facilities


But hey at least 250 DB was well worth my suffering and frustration…

Also lined up perfectly with my VIP.

R E F U N D. You guys don’t deserve it. Strip me of my benefits, or lackthereof.

Once I get my money back I’m not tolerating anymore of this. Absolutely done with these shenanigans Ludia. Absolutely disappointed. Being VIP didn’t matter just like being a player since launch didn’t matter…

GJ on killing this game for me in 1 update…


i'm not angry i'm disappointed - Grumpy Cat - quickmeme


I am also as frustrated as you are (although unlike you I have not been shelling out hard earned money for this game every month) I would like to wait a day or two and see if the 250 bucks is all they are giving and maybe, just maybe we get more appropriate responses to our tickets

Because this situation is so absurdly ridiculous that I have a hard time believing that someone in the management saw that people have lost days of progress and thought somehow that 250 bucks will be enough for some reason.


Usually in PR you step out with your strongest foot. You give comparable rewards and if it still falls short then you give a little more. You don’t send out a pity amount then tack on more and more until all is justified.

Ludia did more a few weeks back with giving out SDNA after a bug. THATS why I was expecting more. Guess that makes me a sucker right? A fool?


Yikes, hope you are able to get a refund. Ludia not exactly good about giving those either, but maybe you can get one via another avenue.