I need a answer from Ludia about the Titanoboa

How is it possible that I have gone out for a road trip to catch Titanoboa and I didn’t seen any of them ??? My road trip was about 49km / 30 miles … but some people saw 4 to 5 and catch it ??? Am From Mauritius and we have a community that has all members that play JWA . And we haven’t got 1 … is it in some country only ???

Have you been popping scents? People finding boas must have got really lucky and have been popping lots of epic scents, I personally have popped three epic scents last night but unfortunately, not a single boa :pensive:. Your probably just unlucky as I am, so, sorry.

I went on a 2 1/2 hour car ride today and I managed to stumble upon one. I know some people have had better luck than others, but I have no doubt this creature is going to be a pain to find.

It’s all about luck. That’s it. Yesterday I found 1, today I found 5 with 0 scents used. Just keep trying. It’s all about luck and timing that can’t be predicted.

Check parks and proxi spawns. Don’t fall into buying a bunch of epic scents.


Agreed. At this point scents are useless. From over 12 hrs of hunting between yesterday and today. 8 boa total. 6 in the wild and only two from scents. More value just in traveling


I’d take a look at this guide by Gamepress about scents.

boa is on the hybrid pursuit spawn pool.

as for my luck. 1 from a 5 min scent (what are the odds?) and 1 wild.

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I’ve driven over an hour playing the last 2 days each. I’ve used 2 epics scents, a large scent, and 6 regular scents.

No boa.

Thanks to the 2 level 20 sanctuaries and 2 members from my alliance.


Try 10 hours of driving in stead of walking, maybe you find 1 or 2 then

I’ve been doing a lot of that too

good, keep doing it until you find one :’)
its sad they call this spawnrate an event, but nothing can help you find 1 more than just keep going if you really want it…

Ludia really should wake up its idea. If it wants players to.hunt something make it scentable so they can get the sales. I feel Ludia doesnt know how to make money and should have its entire board replaced with a bunch of gibbons.


I’m almost to the point of giving up on this. I have yet to see a single Titanoboa. I’ve seen one G2 and that is it so far.

I got an Epic scent from yesterday’s strike tower but I don’t want to waste it on the very slim chance a Titanoboa might appear.


I’m 90% sure that, like most things Ludia says, this whole thing was one big load of bs. I popped scent after scent all week and trapsed across every park in my county looking for a snake and got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Maybe Ludia made it so the snake can spawn, but they certainly didnt make it more likely to spawn than any other of the myriad of epics that spawn anyway. But then we shouldnt really be surprised; after all if they made it so players could actually access the content they put into their game then how would they extort them for money like the con artists they are?

I’ve found one so far the spawn rate is ludicrous

More chance of aliens being proved to exist than finding any more.

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I still haven’t found the epic one.

I used my Epic scent on the way home from work tonight and didn’t get one. :sleepy::sleepy:

The 2 times that I saw one were at 3:00 a.m. when I was driving to work at the farm I drive approximately a 150 miles A-day between 3 States and those were the only 2 I caught

There was one up my road this last Saturday but I was to tired to go and get it. I was in bed and didn’t feel like braving the 20 degree temps…

I haven’t even saw one not even with scents, I only have the rare version as one of my Alliance had it in his sanctuary.

Dunno if its my luck is changing but from 4 epic scents I got 3 Titanoboas.