I need a good alliance to help me

Can someone please put me in their allliance I desperately need one I’m in mid lockdown and I’ll try to do raids when I can and donate a lot. In game name is rinchenia

@Jurassic_Fury @Phil can you guys please help me

Mid Lockdown? I’d say you would be eligible for our alliance Goose Gang2. You must do 10 takedowns and also should be an active player. Discord is a must-have for better communication.

Please contact Error#0108 on Discord to enquire regarding the same.

Yeah but I don’t want to use discord

Sadly you’d be ineligible to join the alliance in that case. Discord is compulsory.

If you don’t want to use discord then you will have a problem finding a pretty decent team as well as organization.

I’ve actually passed leadership of my 3 teams and have moved on to just play the game. So I’m not really any help right now anymore. Sorry.

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Why wouldn’t you want to use discord. It’s essential for team communication and organization. It makes 0 sense to not use it if you want to play this game and be on a good team. No halfway decent team would have you join if you weren’t on it. That being said, download discord, stop being stubborn and go apply to a good team and reap the benefits. It’s a win win situation for you, but you have to get discord.

I need to be more clear

  1. I don’t like discord so I need an alliance that doesn’t use it
  2. I am looking for an alliance that can donate a lot and help in tourneys
  3. I need one that does epic raids along with the new rinchenyon one
    That is all thank you

bro, discord i used in almost every top 500 alliance so use discord

I just don’t want to why don’t you understand

You will find 99% of the alliances use discord, as its a great way to communicate with other players and set up raiding times as not everyone can jump on when someone sends out a raid request, plus you will find that they all have raid strats on their channels as well.

then u wont get a gud aliance


Okay then maybe I will try

My alliance would take you in! Unfortunately we have no open spots atm. If we have an opening, I’ll dm you. Also, we don’t require discord :grinning:. We just require activity and ten kills

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Thanks so much I needed an alliance for spinosaurus tourney

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Hi Rinchenia, please dm me (on discord) and we can talk. We’re happy to teach you all about Discord.