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I need a "Kooler" park 🐸

As you all know, to obtain Koolasaurus, we need that Sarcosuchus first. I am a lvl 66 park owner, playing since last January, lacks one of those “kool” guys. Koolasuchus have been waiting maxed in her cage for a long time and there is no trace of Sarco unlock yet to come. To stay kool around those harsh carnivores, I need that Mr. Sarco “exactly whenever you’re gonna show up” suchus very badly. Any opinions, guesses or fun facts would be welcome.

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Right now there is a finite list of dinosaurs that get unlock events in the rotation. Off the top of my head I can think of Utahraptor, Bonitasaura, Labyrinthodonta, Hatzegopteryx, Carnotaurus, Monolophosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Spinosaurus, Ankylodocus, Microposaurus, Ostafrikasaurus. There’s more, I just don’t remember all of them right now. I’m pretty sure Ludia has said that locked dinos not in this rotation are not having unlock events planned anytime soon. Check if Sarcosuchus is in that rotation, I’m pretty sure it’s not.


Sarcosuchus is not likely to have an unlock event in the near future unless major changes are made (none planed at this time).

You’ll have to get your 8 copies through random card packs, wheel spins and if Rich/Desperate enough, 8500DB/ea. If you go to the paddock and click on one of the pluses->search->you’ll see the 8500DB price, if you have 8500DB. If not, you’ll see a real $$ price.


You could also do coin to jurassics custom trades in trade harbor. I think @Jurassic_Fury has had some luck with that.


You Just kool - aid…

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Ooh wait, is that available for every locked dino? Just go into paddock and click Search and there’ll be a DB for dino offer?

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Nope, you have to check. (And it includes unlocked dinos too.)

For example, right now Velociraptor, I can only buy for $25USD.

So, some come and go based on current events/offers.

Please note: that I have an “active” (to get) silver spin in the lottery and that seems to have replaced most of the super rare DB offers to me.

I can still buy spino, but spino isn’t in the silver super rare spin.

Otherwise, I think you’ll normally be able to get any common/rare/super rare/Legendary this way.

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All right Pyroraptors, you guys just wait until I have 10.5k DB!


Thats really not worth it…

I mean i am 3 sarcho away from maxing. Its probably luck?

Pretty much appreciated. Thank you all guys. :+1: