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I need a Level 27-30 Diloracheirus as a 4th for Mortem Rex right now! Guaranteed Victory

Our usual guys are not on and we just need a fourth for two consecutive battles. Is anyone free with a high level Diloracheirus?

If I’m needed.

@Dyldorz I’m going to add you. Be ready I need you soon. In minutes. I wont be able to talk so whoever comes comes.

You have to add me though. I just added you. SophieSchweinitz#1197 for anyone who wants to join too.

It didn’t connect for me

I got a toura at level 28 if we want to try something else

@Dyldorz We just couldnt get it working this time around, but will try again in one hour. Thanks for letting me know that!

We are going to use your Level 28 Touramoloch, have our guy be Level 29 Thoradolosaur and I’ll be the Level 25 Tryostronix and I have three other people who can fill in as Level 30 Diloracheirus. @Dyldorz and that’s in about an hour when my guy gets access to it. Hang around.

Alright for sure

You have to hit only on every non cleansing move not heal @Dyldorz

You want me to just distract?

Yes unless its a cleansing move then you can heal only then

@Dyldorz Remember this! It’s critical… literally. lol

Remember dont heal at the start of Round 2 @Dyldorz