I need a list of all the dinosaurs in the game


Hey all if you have a list of all the dinosaurs and if they have a Gen 2 it would be really appreciated if you could give me a list, I’ve been trying to make a new best team for my squad and it’s been fairly difficult so I’m making a spreadsheet that I don’t want to have to add to when I get a new Dino and I have a little ocd and want it in alphabet order anyways yeah if you could help me I’d appreciate it


I had all of them but 2-3 until the new update hit, which isn’t very generous as i only have found 1 new dino in the wild and 4/5 via the battle arena ; exclusives.

Gen 2 so far:

Most of the gen 2’s are pretty similar skill wise; they mostly miss out on the awesome versatility skills (100% shield, act first, no destroy shield only pen armor,…) And certain gen’s have significant different stats. My epic anky has 550 dmg while my gen 2 has almost 700 while they only differ 2 levels. So you could say i’d take my gen 2 over my regular anky since hp is more or less the same but DMG wise hits way harder; once my anky catches up it’ll probably be better. Very similar with rex vs gen 2; the epic rex can destroy shields while the gen 2 cant ; but it still pens armor. Not bad but an epic rex is obviously way better bcs it can destroy shields as well! The gen 2 has 10% less crit but is faster by 2 speed; so once again the gen 2 isn’t bad as it can still kill an epic rex since it can strike first and still do loads of 1,5 & 2x dmg.

They also vary in rarity. Certain gen 2’s are rare while others are common.

The new dino is the sarcosuchus btw; very common to find here.


Thanks do you have a list of the others too?


Im probably going to make some excel sheet which maps all evolutions and such to make it easier since it is somewhat messy right now. I’ll keep you updated!