I need a little help with a high level team


Hi all! I’m currently fighting on Arena 7 (3149 trophies) and want to stay there but it won’t be easy and I’d welcome some advice on my team. There are 10 dinosaurs that I like and I’m not sure which of them I should bench:

  • Level 17 Velociraptor
  • Level 16 Einiasuchus
  • Level 15 Stegoceratops
  • Level 13 Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Level 12 Nodopatosaurus
  • Level 12 Baryonyx
  • Level 12 Blue (not yet but I will get her on Sunday and I want to have my team planned by then)
  • Level 11 Monolophosaurus
  • Level 11 Utahraptor
  • Level 10 Wuerhosaurus

I’ve been considering leaving out Wuerho and Utahraptor because they are the lowest levels and also because with Blue and Veloci, I already have a lot of raptors and I’m afraid of having too many of them. But I do love my Utahraptor and I’m very unsure about it. As for the Wuerhosaurus, she is very underleveled but at least she is a raptor counter, and that can be really useful, so I don’t know either.

Thank you all in advance!


You can never have too many raptors to be honest xD i am running between 3 and 4 raptors all the time
Veloci lv20
Blue lv14
Utahsinoraptor lv18
Pyroraptor lv15

It works pretty fine for me since i allways want at least one raptor to show up in a fight. They are just too valuable to miss them out. The only thing that truly counters me out is something thats immune but thats ok since i think thats what immunity was made for in the first place xD
The rest is allways about two tanky dinos (gigh life or high armor) one nerf one (koolasuchus to remove positiv stats and to slow and decrease attack) and of course indominus rex


It’s just that I’ve had three raptors in my team before, and if I get all three of them in a single battle, I feel a bit weak. Sure, they are powerful, but with no variety, if the enemy can counter raptors they could eat me alive D: but that was in arena 6, maybe for arena 7 it’s worth it keeping Utahraptor along. Thanks!

As for Pyroraptor, Utahsinoraptor and Indominus, I just don’t have them so there’s nothing I can do about that :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggest you to make up a solid mix of high vitality and armor dinos (tanks) quick strikers (raptors and/or other fast dinos) and one to two debuffers


This is my team currently. I decided to try with a high amount of raptors and a high amount of defense. There is also a screenshot of other high level dinosaurs in my collection. Any suggestion would be appreciated!


Pretty uncommon to have unless you pay alot for The game :wink: i am not close to I-Rex it just takes to long not paying.


Hi Lyra. I have a level 14 blue and he is just to weak for arena 7! Utharaptor i am not a fan of… But its hybrid i am working on. You need balance not just raptors. Your getting close to my 3299 trophies :slight_smile:


Same here, still stuck at 3200 trophies. Probably we already met each other before haha. Right now I am trying to lvp up my stego and nodo.


Whero and her instant cripple can manage not only raptors, but also t-rex wtih her Defense Shattering Rampage, or even a Einasuchus taking less damage.
Relating to the low level she has, probably I am not able to give you a good advise on it because now I am in arena 6 and my whero level 10 works well.

In my opinion, here is the list of 8 dinos for your team: