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I Need a new alliance

Need a new alliance.

You are correct.

Are there only 3 people in your current alliance?

You can come on over to MeenasVillage. We’re not big but we’re growing and working hard.

If you are willing to join Discord, we would love to have you on board :blush: We are a friendly and easygoing 5-4 Alliance with a shared sanctuary strategy that always reaches level 20. Our new sanctuary is on day 2 since reset and it’s already at level 14! Please let me know if you’re interested in checking us out. Moeneek02#1601 on Discord.

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You could consider " Lords of Jurassic World" we’re international alliance consistently hitting rank 5 /4 since beginning and holding lvl20 shared Sanctuary. We also use discord for better communication.

Wild Things would love to have you :slight_smile: we’re already reaching 4/3 with just 18 of us! Discord is our only requirement