I need a new Alliance!

Hi! I decided to quit playing about 3 weeks ago but when I saw the Dominion Update Notes I decided to play again. I have Discord and am familiar with the Co-op sanctuaries and 10 takedowns. I do need an alliance that can get to Tier 9 in tourneys and I can contribute. Thank you!

@Phil poss one for u

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Hey ive got a team of you’re interested. Today is day 2 but it’s not a brand new team. I’ve recreated my former team, Timmy What Is It. Have about half a team and they’re all good players aside from a couple Alts. We have a strong foundation and are looking to fill the team up!

Phil 929#0500 on discord if you’re interested.


Thanks for the help @Wanda

Hey there :slight_smile: We are the Cosmic Raptors, Top 50 Alliance, looking for one more player this season.
Let me know if interested at all :+1: