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I need a strong herbivore

Hi! I need a strong herbivore. Currently I am level 42 in the game and the strongest herbivore I currently have is a level 40 diplo. What herbivore should I try and get?

May I see your lineup?

Hi @Doggy i recommend to get a labyrinthosaurus at lvl 20 its better than diploducos lvl 40

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If you need a herbivore for level 42, can you get pachyceratops, labyrythnthosaurus or shunosaurus?

I have not unlocked the lynanthodonia so I can’t fuse it. Here are my strongest dinos. image

Ophiacomimus is very power…

Here is the most expensive herbivores I currently have unlocked.


I suggest getting as many rares and super rares to lvl 40. There are a lot of herbs there


You mean the amphibian use to make Labyrinthosaurus?
Its better in every stat compared to Alangasaur and costs just 500 dna more

Yeah I need to unlock the amphibian for the fuse.

I’d say at one point get every base dino to level 40. It makes fusing hybrids far easier in the future.

As for what herb to go with, Get Gallimimus to L40, then if you have Ophiacodon unlocked, get her to L40 and fuse them to get Ophiacomimus. She is kinda pricey but well worth the DNA. Get her to L20 and she’d be more than powerful :sweat_smile:

Thanks I will do that.

I would wait for Monday and buy 7 copies of Euoplocephalus for 6300 DNA if I were you. It will be much more cheaper than Having a level 20 Ophiacomimus.

Euplo is locked.

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Yeah I forgot about it :smile:. I would still wait one or two weeks until they bring the Euoplocephalus or Ankylosaurus events because he needs to grind DNA anyway and a level 20 Ophiacomimus costs about 16.000 DNA meanwhile a max Euoplo, which has a similar ferocity, costs about 6500 DNA. Ankylo is a stronger but slightly more expensive alternative. Costs about 7700 DNA.

True but ophia has more attack and who knows when the next anky unlock is.

Still it’s locked so there’s no way for you to buy 7 copies of eupho for 6500 dna. Anky and stego are the only unlockable super rare herbivores, supersaurus, parasaurolophus and eupho all cannot be brought with DNA .

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Maybe I will just wait till I get to level 46 and unlock the Stegosaurus. Then I will get it to level 40 and fuse it with my triceratops.

Your lineup is shallow! Your ferocity between Zehaj and Nunda is very Big!
Other than that and the herbivores issue, it’s good