I need a team that has advantages in any confrontation

I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of formulas on it that calculates a Dino’s rank based on their stats and abilities. But it’s a pain in the butt because I have to update it every time I evolve a dinosaur. The theory is that it will give me an overall balanced team. The theory doesn’t work. I still lose as much as I win.

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Lol i used to do the same, yeah it doesnt work hahah

I keep it simple and it works more than not. 2 tanks 2 immunes 2 glass cannons 2 heavy hitters


I need a team that has advantages in any confrontation

this is so clever, i’m not sure why i didn’t think to pursue a strategy along these lines.

That team is called Team Ludia.

Let me help you:

Just level up all your dinos to the max.
overall uniques and legendary.
some commons such as Tany might work on lvl 30.
Any Dino below level 30 is kind of useless.

PS: just try different combinations. In case any works start leveling up that dinos and look for their hybrids.

there is a no 4x4 team that can resist any team on any circumstances. You should look for a balanced team that allows you to increase possibilities ñ of having a tank or damage reducing/ slowing Dino, A a shield crusher and a a fast hitting dino in every battle.

In low arenas as you might not have legend o high level epic just try use SIA. Some dinos such as irritator gen 2, monolopho or dilopho gen 2, kaprosuchus, some birds… have swap-in abilities.

Just give a try.

I sometimes lower from 3900/4000 to low arenas and try strategies using really low level dinos with those abilities. Results are better than you would think.

In order to help you, please let us know in what arena are you know and what kind of dinos the opponent put on the battlefield. :slight_smile:

the desert arena

because the selection of cards in battle is random

What kind of dinos you fight ?