I need advice for which unique I should make

So I have two uniques that I know I can make which are antarcto and poukan plus two that I’m uncertain about (andrew and spinocon) and I was wondering which one I should make first.

If you’re going for viability, Andrewtops is the way to go. If not, it’s down to personal preference on which one you like more. You may want to unlock them all at some point though, simply to complete your collection or if they get a change in the future.


Poukan is the better option if you want to focus on raids.
Also its not the worst in pvp, i use poukan and im still around mid - High gryo.

But andrewtops is definitely the best one for pvp.

Alright, andrewtops it is. Funnily enough my andrewtodon was already level 17 so I save a bunch of coins.

Andrew tops