I need advice

So today I had just hit 10,000 DB and it was fine until now.Line up is pretty ok trying to get the flying glass cannon so I spent 7,000k of DB I have nothing else to spend it on so I guess live it and forget it?

what guy is the glass cannon?

Flyer I can’t think of the name

describe it. Is it a tournament?

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Today was a bad day because I got no trades of DB

Yes tourney flyer

orntihocherius? tupuxara? Darwin?

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No the hybrid my bad

oh zalmonodon? pteraquetzal? metriaphodon?

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It is the Last one

I need a week and I have it

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the one that has basically even attack and health?

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Yes that is the one hint glass cannon



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i didnt know what that meant like ever lol

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Put yourself an accepted low, so you know you can’t go lower than that certain amount, for me I can’t go lower than 5,000 DB, that way if something greats come I have a little saving. But usually I’m always at 10,000 on average

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Ok thank you I restarted 6 months ago I didn’t even have a indominus rex

I agree with @Mr_Nobody_cares set a floor you want to stay at, then you just have to be patient when you approach said floor, my floor used to be 10,000 over time it has grown to 60,000 why I do not know but. Now when a great deal comes around I will spend 10-20,000 DB and not worry about it and then over time I will continue to grow the DB stash again. As you get deeper into the game DNA becomes the real bottle neck when creatures cost 40-60,000 DNA a copy you can only buy so many and if that’s what you are focused on their is not a lot of reason to speed up multiple copies. So your DB stash starts to grow over time.

And it’s good to see you on the forums @Jeremiah_McCord1.


Thank you for the advice

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Should I sell my indominus it’s at level forty if you need to see my rusty line up I will show you.