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I need an Alliance!


I Need an Alliance !!

I have 2300-2400 trophies
I am very active (I enter the game daily)
At the moment I’m just needing Alosaurus (So I will not give a job asking Rare that nobody has :))

My Game Nickname is IrritatorBR29


hello. do you have discord?

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No, I do not.Why Question?


Talk to @Tori_baugh


OK, thanks!

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things run so smoothly when there is better communication.

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Yes I agree!


.d.isc ord .

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Dragon Warriors if you haven’t found one already. I think we have a spot open, but if we’re full DM me and I’ll talk to my alliance leader.

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Well, Join the “Beaver and pals” alliance

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I will add anyone to my alliance - alliance name is Canadino

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