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I need either an alliance or people to do raids with

Ok so recently I have left my alliance to look for a more active one, for the past couple days I haven’t been able to do any raids. So if anyone has an alliance I can join or if anyone can help with raids that would be nice. For alliances I prefer to not use discord even though its helpful in raids, also keep in mind I am still semi-new to the game so ye. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t mind helping with raids, but idk if I can help with the alliance thing. My game thing is SnakeDude 4021, got raid viable creatures for anything but apex. and you can just dm me here if we talk strats or such

Discord isn’t just helpful in raids, it’s almost necessary if you want to do anything harder than an epic. Most decent alliances require it (although there are a few who use other messaging services).

Just Messaged you :wink:

Ok I’ll send a request. Thanks!

You can add me as a friend to raid with MrsV 2574

Is that for discord or JWA profile?

Wait nvm forget I every asked that lol

Did you find a new alliance? If not we are accepting lower level players as long as they are very active and do tournaments. We use LINE chat for raid strategies, achievements and other BS… we do all raids. We share Lvl 20 sanct and it’s forbidden to ever put a Dino in there but you can get loads of DNA from it.

Add me on LINE: bigbadmama0031

Sorry, but I have found a very good alliance already.