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I need help changing up my team


I think I may need to change up who is on my team but I can’t figure out what is the best option. I asked a few times in the forums here already but usually only get 1-2 responses which is nice but I would like more information and opinions to base choices upon.

My current team is in the photo. What suggestions do you all have? Thanks in advance!


I think you need a little more speed. Choosing between stegocera and monosteg is a choice that imo will need to be made. Don’t level tarbo past 20 as he will be needed for thor. Velo can be an asset if used right. All in all I think your team is good.


Who would you suggest as a means to increase speed overall?


First, stick with Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, Gorgosuchus, and maybe Utahsinoraptor. They’re fantastic! (I don’t use Utahsinoraptor because mine is low level, and I don’t get along with raptors… But I always have a hard time facing it!)

I’d say too that having both Stegoceratops and Monostegotops is a little redundant… I’d suggest you to focus on raising the level of Monostegotops in the future since it is more versatile… In short term, maybe Stegoceratops is a better choice though, because of its higher level…

What I see as a the biggest missing piece on your team is a good bleeder. If you have the coins and DNA, I’d suggest you to level up your Suchotator. It’s very good against multiple enemies, and is also pretty versatile. It can be raised up to level 20 without fear of becoming obsolete. In the future, Spinotasuchus will also be a good addition (I have both on my team!)

I’m not sure about Tarbosaurus… It’s been a while since I benched my chompers, a niche better served with the faster Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon, that you already have on your team… Postimetrodon is maybe not a creature to level up more… You’ll eventually replace it with the better Tryostronix…


Very thoughtful answer, i appreciate the advice!

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