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I need help cuz my roster is a mess

So this is my current roster and its a mess. I’d like to start winning some tournament creatures but its impossible for me right now. Do you have any tips on the roster and how to continue building it stronger. Keep in mind i started playing in 2015 and then stopped after some time and i just recently got back into the game(thats why there is just a random lvl 20 indom there, younger me just wanted that irex). Any help is greatly apreciated

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i think you should make an ostaposaurus because you have loads of dna

I was thinking that but i would use all my dna for that and i d lose 2 lvl.40 legendaries and i think i need a deeper lineup. Thank you for your reply, i’ll defenetly think about it

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do you have rhamphorynchus maxed then you can make unayrynchus and the good part is that its cheaper than indominus

For carnivores get more indominus lv10 , tape lv20 to support them. For amphibians get diplotater lv30 and stegoceratops lv20 / labrynthosaurus lv40. You need at least 4 teams that can fight 3 times a day after completing events.
Teams i suggest are

  1. tape lv20 , i rex lv10 , tape lv20+
  2. t rex lv30 , tape lv20+ , i rex lv10
  3. Nundago lv20 , labryntho lv40 , diplotater lv30
  4. Stegoceratops lv20 , diplotater lv30+/micropo , labryntho

You need at least 2 of each team to do events and fight in tournament.
Don’t overpush in the tourney. Stay below 30 in pred for whole tourney. Just keep pushing till you break into it and do events afterwards.
In last day you’ve to decide if you wanna do all events or go all in for tournament. Your i rex lv20 and pteranodon lv40 paired with a medium meat shield can fight in dominator. That’s the only battle you got to fight in dominator.
In last day keep sneaking into dom but don’t battle there is unless you have i rex lv20 available. If you can watch last 30 mins tournament you’d be in a great position to sneak into dom. Some of the top pred battles are going to be as brutal as dominator so don’t get demotivated. Spend a few bucks if 2/3 wins can get you to dominator.
Lastly follow the tournament thread and check out sionsith’s prediction in the thread or his video description. That’s something to aim for. And make sure you’re not falling too far behind by trying to stay out of top predator.
I was once in your shoes a few months ago back in i rex gen2 event . People motivated me and i snuck into dominator. I kept sneaking in until i could actually fight in dominator. So gd luck.


Bad part is it’s useless for most part at lv10. And lv20 one costs more than i rex lv10. He should better focus on stegoceratops . Keep them at lv20 for tournament battle in predator until he decides to fuse all and make an army of monostegotops to replace.


i think stegoceratops and ankylodocus are more worth it because they are best herbivores in their rarity and they are cheaper then unayrynchus

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No unfortunatly i don t have rhamphoryncus unlocked and the one one i have is at lvl.10. I have to unlock it in battles and i have no idea when it’ll berhamphorincus’s turn

I can unlock ankylodocus but i have to buy 1 anky and 4 diplos and then of course 1 more ankylodocus, which should be cheaper than buying 2 stegoceratopses and i think ankylodocus is better than stegoceratops. I don t know wheather to unlock ankylodocus or buy 2 stegoceratopses because stegoceratops has a super hybrid, btw im not collecti ng monolophosaurus super dna, atm im gathering raptor and dimetrodon

Yeah but i haven t even started collecting monolophosaurus super dna so im wondering if ankylodocus lvl 2 is better for the moment

I can get tapes as they are quite cheap and very decent but another i rex is very expensive, so what about i get a carnoraptor to 30 or another legendary to 40 as that will be much cheaper and should be as strong as an i rex lvl 10.
Also i apreciate the support and the tactics of reaching dominator league. Its very domotivating seeing 4 out of my top 5 being useless when i try to reach dominator league but im gonna keep trying. I have thought of making my team stronger by making another i rex lvl.20 but i decided against it as my usual battles would be much harder. If im close to dominator im gonna spend dbucks, as i have a lot and i don t usually spend them at all, to buy back that i rex for battle( only on the last day)

Go with stegoceratops. And the difference isn’t much between stegoceratops and ankylodocus. You already have him unlocked. And you don’t have to get monostegotops but it’s a beast for a very long time is a great one. Having stegoceratops gives you the option to unlock him when and if you want to.

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My team suggestions were purely to give you an idea of what you should use. You can always something with similar in ferocity at those spots . It all depends on your personal preference and of course cost and availability. If you have carnoraptor or spinoraptor unlocked you can use either of them.
By the way you’re not going to need velociraptor dna for a very long time. The indoraptor and gen2 ( also every s-hybrid) start higher than other creatures . You won’t able to get them for really long time without ruining your line up. So consider getting atleast one sdna that you can use in near future.

I have both spinoraptor and carnoraptor on lvl 20 so im gonna get them to lvl.30, im also gonna get stegoceratops. Im curious tho which 2 sdna s do you recomend. Thank you your help

You can keep piling up velo if you want but get another one which you can use in near future.
Look which class you’re weak at and don’t have base creatures unlocked for a good hybrid for your ferocity jump . Then take that sdna. It’s extremely rare for anyone to be weak at carnivores so my guess is sacro or euplo.

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Yeah i changed the 2 s dna’s in missions to sarco and dimetrodon as they are both the cheapest and i can unlock them the soonest i will however continue collecting raptor dna in code 19s. Thanks

you should make an indominus lvl 30 it will help

You should definetely NOT make a level 30 indominus it will unbalance your lineup even more.


That’s not a good idea. It’ll make events harder. More over that’s a huge investment for not so great benefit. He’ll benefit more from 2 more lv10 i rex. That’s still 58k+ dna without discount. He could invest that to get couple other creatures and increase depth.


I created a guide just for this:

So I do know a thing or two about this :wink:

As for my advice:

You lineup looks solid, it just needs a bit of a push to get to make it into Dom league in the tournaments. At your stage, you should focus on quantity not quality. Get multiples of your powerful dinos that way you have more to use inside the tournaments.

Using your Indom as the dino with the max ferocity limit, you should get:

  • Base Legendaries to L40
  • Legendary Hybrids to L20 (all but Priortrodon since it’s a bit more powerful than Indom)
  • VIPs to L20
  • Super Rare Hybrids to L30
  • Rare Hybrids to L40 (Only get Tapejalosaurus to L40 to get her S-Hybrid, any subsequent copies keep her at L30)
  • Rare S-Hybrids to L10 (if getting Tapejalocephalus keep her at L1)

Definitely pursue the Rare S-Hybrids first if you can. Diplosuchus is the weakest but the cheapest of all the S-Hybrids and is the only Amphib S-Hybrid which is pivotal against the carni-heavy meta in this game. Tapejalo is very powerful and can take you very far into the late game, just make sure you level her up carefully. Dimetrocarnus is thee best dino to use in tournaments, and pretty much every tournament-goer lives by using them. I farm them to sell them and get 31000 DNA per copy after hatching, which I use the DNA elsewhere to improve my roster, so that is also an option.

Your lineup isn’t too unbalanced, your L20 indom is just a little ahead of the rest of your roster. I’d suggest keeping her and just getting all the rarities listed above to the levels I recommended and you’d be set for Dom. By far the best route to take is getting and grinding the Rare S-Hybrids.

Best of luck :wink: :+1: