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I need help fast! My account won’t open!

Please I really need help I updated the game to the last version, and the game won’t open, can I transfer my account to my new phone to save it

simply try to log in on your new iphone.
if you log in via fb i am sure it will work.
if you log in via game center i think you need the same itunes account to be successful…

The problem is it wouldnt fb link if I tried, I tried transferring the account with a helper, but they ddint want to do it, and my game is on a old Samsung and I was planning to move it to my new iPhone

Also last night the game was working fine, right before the update, I updated the game 4 hours ago and it now doesn’t won’t to open and everything on my old phone in that game want show (a screenshot to the game not opening)

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Hey David_Osegueda, I’m sorry to hear that happened to your game after downloading the update. Could you try clearing up some extra space on your device and then relaunch the game?

If you’re still having issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at, and our team would be happy to assist you with this. If you remember the support key from your game account, it’d be helpful to include it in your email.


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I’ve recently deleted 2 old game I already transferred, but it won’t open and I don’t have my support key or anything because that one photo of them won’t load

No one has responded in a while to the email I sent

Hey David_Osegueda, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still waiting for a reply. If you had already sent in an email, our team will try and get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime, please make sure not to update your current ticket until one of our team members responds to you as it could reset your position in their queue.

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Alright thank you

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Hey there David, if you are playing on an Android device we have released a new update yesterday that should fix some of the issues players have been having since the last update. Check your Google Play store for the new update and let us know if this solves your problem! Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the help it worked and it opened

Just hope I can get someone willing to transfer my account to my new phone

Help is an understatement, having been playing the game fine then yesterday had the lightning interrupt message, couldn’t get into my account - then this Morning it asked me to verify my age, agree to T&Cs which I did & it took me to Hi, Welcome to Berk… the very beginning, My account has reset back to the start!!! I closed it, restarted it, my username does appear, it won’t give me the option to log in via FB or anything instead just going straight to the let’s feed toothless :confounded::cry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::cry:

HELP! I’ve sent a ticket via my Titan Uprising account as I can’t see the help settings on Rise of Berk & tbh I don’t want to touch it until you guys have fixed it & got my dragons back & my Berk which I’ve invested a lot of time in building


Hey there GenVeers, once you finish the tutorial go into your settings and you will be able to connect to your Facebook account in your settings menu. If you do not see an option to connect to Facebook in your settings even after fully completing the tutorial please contact our support team here so they can assist you in finding your game! As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Hope this helps!