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I need help figuring out what unique to work for

I already have Indoraptor and I’m working towards Erlidominus. My next two are either Dracoceratosaurus or Thor. Which should I work towards after Erlidominus?

  • Dracoceratosaurus
  • Thoradlosaur

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I’d suggest thor mainly because it’s a raid and pvp dino unlike the swapper, and it’s just more useful than that thing I think


I strongly agree with your statement @Snake_Dude Boosted, Thor is a beast and great for raids. It’s just a way better choice than Dracoceratosaurus.

Thor if you’re lacking in a decent Fierce creature that happens to be useful for certain Mortem, Gorgotrebex, Cera, and Hadros strats.

Dracocerato ONLY if you don’t have a swap in creature yet

neither. go scorpious rex g3


I would agree with Scorpius Rex Gen3 because you’ll also have Scorpius Rex Gen 2 to play with. Also work for Compsocaulus because you will also have the Compsognathus to play. Legendary Scorpius is good also. This has been a fun team to play and I can take out Indo’s and Thors with Scorpius’s. This is why I have two of them for the purpose I have a better chance of having one picked.

Well would Dracoceratops or Dracoceratosaurus be a better swap in?

I would personally say Dracoceratosaurus is better then Dracoceratops just because it can’t be slowed and it does more damage. Plus it’s faster


DCPro would be my pick out of those 2, since it has solid swap utility and decent output

Definitely Thor, he once flattened my Mt. Sibo team when I was lucky enough to spot him