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I need help please for dragons of berk

Help is there anyone that can resolve the issues? I have been trying to perfirm a purchase for over 18 hours for finally a reasonable deal I finally thought and the process IS NOT WORKING 116K RUNES AND 3 OF THE LARGE 49.00 PACKAGES AND A FLIPPING DRAGON fot 109.99. Still 2 expensive but not bad. And where can i find instructions? Or changing out dragons and if this game is not monitored what is the new game and transfer all of my purchases from this version to the newer supported version. I am trying to be patient for a reply.

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Hey there, @dslman57, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble making an in-game purchase. It sounds like you might already have done so and are waiting on a reply, but if you haven’t then you should contact our support team at Including your support key and a receipt for the purchase (if you have one) will help speed up the process. If you’ve already contacted us, however, then rest assured that one of our agents will help you out as soon as they are able.