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I need help please


I’ve lost 34 out of my last 40 matches the last two days. I am so sick and tired of losing, RNG is being a real jerk to me right now. Not to mention everyone and their mother have Thor and I’m stuck getting constant 10 fuses for mine.
Making me not even want to play this stupid game.
I want to switch my team around. Maybe take out sucho and replace it with something else. Maybe swap out another dino too.

Anky stays, my issues aren’t with it
-I will NOT ADD i-rex, I don’t rely on cloak as, once again, my rng is TERRIBLE.



Same here, rng absolutely hates me. But i would def recommend putting spinotasuchus on ur team, its a tyrant tier bleeder with high speed and good damage. Imo tragodistis is also a great utility tank, and its fast too. U really don’t need paramoloch imo, it relies purely on stuns. Dilorano isnt a bad choice either. And good luck fusing thor!

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I had spinota on my team for a while. It would never fail, it’d take one hit from an opening dino, then get taken out by a Dracocera or Dracog2. Same issues with Tryo

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Yea Dracoceratops these days… have u tried tragodistis? its my favourite and strongest tank imo


I tried it for a while but it would always get matched against a bleeder or DS dino. sigh


Really its all rng’s fault


It really is. Its been like this for a while, but the last two days have been worse. So tired of it.

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Welp. Just lost a match becuz my opponents utahsino crit through my evade, then stunned and dodged my stun

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Have had that happen way too often. Of course they nerfed the one good counter to it too. Pyrri was a key dino on my team, now its worthless and that took a heavy hit on my team losing it


Definitely get tryo in there! Swap trexg2 for tryo, But don’t use it as an opener. Use it as a revenge dino, by killing low health dino with fs and smashing a high dmg dsr on the next one.
I keep leveling mine because is great, and also immune!

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I tried that, didn’t work out too well. I could give it another shot though…


Yeah and this is a good week for leveling tryo because of the event having posto bary and tryo itself!

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maybe try using monostego. with the buff it can be useful too

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I would,
Remove : Tryyanolo, Paramoloch
Add: Monostego, Tryostronyx (Keep working on leveling up these 2)

Side note: Work on Spinota

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I’ll try it out


You’re complaining about everyone having Thor, yet you have the poor woman’s/man’s Thor, Allosinosaurus… Try putting that on your team, until you manage to unlock Thor…


Maybe add another tank. As high level as possible. I like to have at least 3 on my team.

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It was on my team for a while before I took it off because all the Thors I went against kept beating it to a pulp. I literally removed it from my team last week to try something else.
How about giving constructive criticism without being a jerk? :slight_smile:


:smile: 10 characters!


New team set up: