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I need help sorting my team with this update. I’d love feedback!

With this new update, I’m still confused about what should be added or kicked off. (I know poor ProRat isn’t staying) Here are my dinosaurs.

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Wow! Very impressive! Probably add velociraptor cuz he’s a fast creature

Plus add me to a raid at the time in Asia 6pm

For raids ok?

Ok I will take it into consideration.

My old stats

Add me here with the hashtag

Get Thylacotator if you can. It’ll really help you now as well as later on.


My progress now

Note that it changed a while ago

Let’s not hijack the guys topic. There’s another topic for recruiting friends for Raids.

I’d agree with Thylacotator if you can get it unlocked. I’d not level up Suchotator any further and save it for that.

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Was gonna say the same thing for both, also maybe take gorgo into consideration since it’s got more health and is immune to decel, with a 30% crit

Allo gen2 could work but try to get legendary hybrids as quick as you can. Most of them are at least viable

I’d throw Edmontoguanadon or Allo Gen 2 in for your Procerathomimus- however with that being said Procera is still alright for the tier of battling you should be in.

Obviously getting legendaries would help, but you don’t have em yet, so don’t worry about that right now. Smilodon is also a powerful creature that could fill the speed niche you’ll be missing if you replace Proceratho.

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Dont mean to ruin your optimism, but Gorgo got nerfed with waaaay lesser attack. When I asked for a buff in HP, I didnt know it had consequences. :man_facepalming:

Yeah but it has a ton of health and can actually survive stuff now.

Oh hi there erlidominus am I correct?

Just gotta say although yoshi is nerfed it doesnt mean its useless, I think you should keep it but replace mono with allo g2
You probably should also replace t rex with edmontoguanodon since you have 4 chompers (including allo g2)

Is trystornix still good though