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I need help sorting my team with this update. I’d love feedback!

I think so

We do not talk about my recent nerf right now

Oh sorry about that!

If you have one on your team, it should do okay, but not as good as it once was. The loss of ferocious strike hurts it quite a bit.

I would probably replace it with Monlometrodon or Pyrritator to fill a similar niche, if you’ve got 'em. Gorgosuchus isn’t a horrible replacement either, but you lose out on both speed and damage in return for keeping ferocious strike.

Both of the legendaries are in a similar category of speed, with greater damage and overall utility at this point in time. With Pyrri you lose quite a bit of health and resistances/immunities in exchange for greater speed and more distractions. With Mono you get greater base health, greater damage and a wider variety of moves without sacrificing Trystronix’s speed, immunities, or shield breaking moves. However, you lose out greatly on crit chance.

For me, consistency is more valuable than crit, but that’s not the case for everyone.

I unlocked my first legendary, Indominus Rex. Should I put her on the team?

Yes, but what is your team

This but without even asking what your team is. Indom is a powerful legendary, especially earlier on and if its your first, it’ll help you greatly in the arena.