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I need help with Loss of scents and HC in game please

Hello , I’ve messaged a couple mods directly but they don’t write back . Emails aren’t replying back been a week . I purchased epic scent along with a dart pack and 2 rare scent. I applied the epic scent and the game said it needed to update right away and when it logged me back in no scent was running and it was gone from storage. After that I applied 2 rare almost back to back and the game kept doing the same update message as I was trying to dart . It was a waste of Hard Cash because nothing was darted in the epic and the rare kept having me removed from Darting and losing the dino. Yes I managed to dart some but not even near what it should have been.

This “Jurassic World Alive needs to update” message continues to happen but not as often as that day. The day in question was ridiculous there must have been server issues because my LTE was fine and GPS wasn’t searching . No reason for the game to give this message when there’s no update occurring it’s ridiculous!

I’m sure I can get support from the community that this does happen often.

My hard cash lost was 1 epic 1000 HC -2 rare 400 HC and the dart pack 250 HC - I purchased because I thought I was gonna need them and was a pointless purchase.

I’ve been a paying player since beta around April/May of 2018 and joined here June 2018 .
So my commitment to this game financially has been to your benefit ! This is the first time I’ve ever had issues and actually asked for my Hard cash back because of circumstances out of my control.

I think I deserve a reply to this matter . Yes there are other tickets and players but I’ve been waiting for a week now for reply’s I feel like I’m being ignored.

It’s frustrating to constantly message and wait just to get back what I payed for.(if I even get it back)

I don’t wanna goto apple and complain rather do it here lol

I’ll wait again…

@Ludia_Developers ?

@Jorge @Ned @@@@@@ …


Hey dinolord, I’m sorry that happened with your game when you were using your Scent Capsule.

If you had already reached out to our support team, could you send me a private message of your Support Key so I can check on this for you?


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Okay sorry just tagged mods didn’t see your reply! I will do this now !

Thank you!