I need help with my battle team


I would like if anyone has any ideas about my battle arena team and to improve it? I am currently on level 10 and on the very edge of Lockdown and I can’t win a single fight anymore. These are all the dinosaurs in my current team…
Thx guys and may the force… sorry wrong world…


Steg should be in there. She’s an all around solid dino and easy to level up since she’s so common. I’m just over 4000 trophies and didn’t stop using her until about 3700.


Great. In exchange for Styg? She never was the tip on scale…
Thank you


Aw man I HATE that feeling of being on the verge of another arean but not quite being able to reach it. I’d definitely keep the stegoceratops and the stegosaurus. A lvl 15 velociraptor is definitely a bonus. I’d add at least 2 more armoured creatures with slowing abilities, or just any 2 creatures with superiority strike. I’ve got a stegoceratops, nodoadasaurus, lvl 14 suchotator, and an ouranosaurus. Hope this helps and good luck!


Yes that definitely helps. My problem is, I don’t have a lot in the pipeline.


Add the suchotator! It’s a really good hybrid, especially against raptors or high damage creatures. If a mofo tries to pounce you, just instant cripple them! Then take their speed with superiority strike (which will also get rid of the decreased damage because of cleanse). The bleed damage is also really helpful. And I believe kentrosaurus and amargasaurus have slowing abilities too right?


Yes both have slowing attacks


My level 15 Kentrosaurus was actually on my team for the longest time while I was at Sorna Marshes. In fact, I didn’t switch her out until I got my Tragodistis to level 17. As strange as it is, that dino had turned some battles around on many occasions for me because of her instant cripple, Thagomizer and the counter attacks. So, it may be worthwhile to consider leveling her up and put her as one of the tanks in your team.


Ok great. Actually never hand Kentro on the screen, but your experience makes it plausible.
Thank you