I need help with my team, AGAIN


Alright people, the new update has seriously messed up my team and I need advice with what to level up first. I can’t afford to waste coin on something I won’t be using so I need help. This is how my team currently looks like:

I’d say all of my team members are strong and useful, but I’m seeing too much tank power, not so much damage, and not a single immune dinosaur. I don’t have any dinosaur that removes positive effects either. I think I need more variety, but those 8 dinosaurs I have in my team are the ones that I feel are strongest in my collection.

My other options include: Sarcorixis, Postimetrodon, Ankylocodon and Suchotator. Do you think any of these is worth replacing any of my current team members? Please help xD Postimetrodon is a problem because I don’t have enough Postosuchus DNA to level her up but if I decide to work on her, I will start hunting Postosuchus down to get enough. The rest I could level up very fast if I choose to stick with them.


Suchotator has nullify, and is a health tank which alone is worth it imo. I dropped v-raptor from my team and put pyro even with the nerf he’s still a useful finisher. Can you show your other dinos?


Sure, here comes the rest of my collection but ignore the levels. The ones I mentioned I could level up to around 15 if I choose to use them. I just can’t level them up if I’m not sure because I don’t have coin to waste.

Velociraptor is still powerful after the nerf, even if she is not what she once was. But she is my highest level dinosaur, and I can’t afford to level anything to 20 to replace her, so for now she is going to stay on my team because level is very important too… Aside from Velociraptor, who would you replace Suchotator with?


Sadly I had to remove T-rex from my team, her health is too low for the arena I am now (Sorna) and also it seem that she is affected by every single stun of any opponent… :roll_eyes: so I suggest you to do the same.
In your shoes, I will remove also Amargocefalo, keeping Nodopatosauro that has more health and not so different attacking damage.

My opinion is to switch these two with one of these dinos:
One will definetively be Pyroraptor or Blue
The other one will be Tanicolagreo (my favorite :heart_eyes: ) second choice for Dimetrodonte (it is rare, not epic like Postdimetrodonte so more easy to level up) or third choice Sucotator (I am not using her since the update but I really think she is a tough one)


I don’t even have Pyroraptor, and my Blue is just level 12. I’m around 4500 trophies, I need at least level 15. Between Dimetrodon and Postimetrodon I’d rather use Postimetrodon, after all the problem is not the DNA, it’s the coin. So it would likely be taking out Amargocephalus and Rex in exchange for Suchotator and Postimetrodon, you say? It certainly is an option. I’m hesitant to take out Rex because we need tank-killers in new meta but I guess Gorgosuchus does that job too…

Edit: I’m at 3500 trophies, that was a typing mistake


i dont personally use them, but people have said stegosaurus and ouranosaurus are 2 of the best dinos in the game right now. never been a fan of amargocephalus or TREX, so maybe swap.


I was running almost the exact same team but I swapped Gorgo for Posti to positive results.


Every time I try to give Ouranosaurus a chance, she dies and so does the rest of my team. I’ve never been an Ouranosaurus fan so I won’t take out any of my other pretty amazing team members in exchange for her… As for Stegosaurus, I mean, she is the best common dinosaur but she is just a common after all. A bit limited for Arena 7. Stegodeus can do the same Stegosaurus can and a lot more so I’ll stick with them. Thanks though! It seems you both think Amargocephalus and Rex need to go, and I think I agree.


how do you have 4500 trophies with level 15 dinos? i just hit arena 8 (4000 trophies) and face all level 20+ legendaries every single game.


Keep in mind that there are a lot of dinos that can bypass Armor like Gorgosucho. Tany for example, but I like more Postdimetrodonte or Dimetrodonte that can also destroy shields. My problem with Postdimetrodonte is the lack of postosuco in my area :sob: so I am levelling up my dimetrodonte in the meanwhile. :sweat_smile:


Honestly, I don’t know. I was around 3250 before the update. Sometimes I hit 3400 but went down again fast. But these past 2 days I’ve started winning everything. I’m facing level 17 opponents that I can handle and not too many bots. So no idea but yeah I’m there :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Postosuchus just became a global spawn so this is your chance to work on Posti! But yeah, I need dinosaurs that can destroy shields, not just armor, that’s why I’m hesitant to take out Rexy.


also you have enough tanks for the utahraptor to still be really good since you can pick and choose which battles it’s in as long as you dont start the game with it.


Is Utahraptor really better than any of my other team members, though? I know she is powerful, but so are the rest :confused: I’m so indecissive lol


I was just going to type this exact sentiment. I think you need another speed monster.


Honestly though, if you just leveled over 1,000 trophies I wouldn’t change a thing! :blush:


lol, sorry, no, i just realized my mistake, i’m at 3500 trophies, i will correct that at once lol


Tany is a really powerful common. It’s fast and has armor piercing bite.


Ok, so what I gather from this is Suchotator, Tanycolagreus and Postimetrodon are good choices… If you had to pick one of those three, which would be the best in your opinion?


Whatever is the easiest to catch for you.