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I need help with my team

Hello!! Ok so umm I stopped playing this for… 4 months? and I noticed that a few dragons have changed and I don’t know how to make my team work properly again, so I need some suggestions for how I can improve it and maybe which dragons I should use? Those are the best dragons I have:

– I am definitely going to use the new dreadfall toothless if I manage to get it (have a little over 400 points) and I’m trying to get Murmuquill

You have some great dragons. To answer your question: it really depends on what you want the team for. A quest team has different requirement to an alpha team or defence team. If I was you, I’d start with getting a really strong rainbow team for quests so you can win three star scales. You want a team that has dragons who do overall damage, offer protection and who heal. Check your dragons to see who would fit best. Remember that you don’t want two dragons with the same ability in your Quest team eg Toothless and Cryptc. For alphas, you want strong damage so look for dragons you pack a big punch. Add strong hit and crit chance and you’re good to go. Defence, look for dragons who give you Mass damage. Hope this helps.


Oooh I see, thank you so much!! I’ll try doing that

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