I need help with my team!


Hello! I asked some help earlier (before the BIG update), but now I can’t find any good team! Here’s my team at the moment!

And please, before you say “Get all Raptors out!” No. I want to keep at last 2 of them! I love ALL Raptors, and I feel 1isn’t enough, it don’t come enough!
And My I Rex is 50/200, and I see T-Rex per week, so here go some time! And I say Thanks :pray: if you can help me!


If you won’t take out the Raptors then the isn’t much point to asking for help. There are just to many raptor counters and strategies to beat them out there to be able to have an effective half raptor team. If you like them that much then you will have to be resigned to losing more often than you win. That being said. Put in the stegeo and postmetridon


Only raptors worth while are the velociraptor at a high level and the two legendary raptors. Pre update maybe but not now tanks rule the arenas.


I suggest you to keep Blue and Vraptor, Stegoceratopo is ok but Einasuco I think is too weak, in what arena are you fighting? Again, same hint for all, switch Amargocefalo for Nodopatosauro (I hate amargocefalo, don’t know why but that’s it :sweat_smile: ), then I suggest you to put in your team an immune dino (postdimetrodonte for example) and MOSTLY a raptor counter :sweat_smile: like suchotator that can be used also if you are facing Indominus or any shielded dino, with her nullyfing ability.
Happy fighting!


I’m in arena 7 and just upgraded Einia to net leveä!


Level up Stegoceraptos.


Take out pyro, amargocephalus and Charlie swap with nodopatosaurus, postimetrodon and ouranosaurus, level your stegoceratops and einia. If you find raptors and you think you can get enough dna for a fuse of irex before you get enough trex then level that too.


Ourano for pyro, posti for Charlie