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I need help with pyrritator raid

I can’t get anyone to do it with me and I’m close to unlocking pyrritator from an event that let me dart it. Can someone help me?

Add me on JWA RaptorIndo08 #8362

I added you

Ok. I’ll get my alliance to help. Here is a strat.

And this is another one.

In the 1st one I can do maiasaura or marsupial and in the second I can do marsupial lion or the inos hybrid
Just give me like half an hour?

I can’t do it now can we do 4pm gmt

10 char

I will do marsupial lion as I don’t have those legendaries

Or maissaura

I am ready

You will have to start the raid so you can invite me and your alliance

I’ll help! Please add me. Player name is VineshJaguar. Number is 7047.


Did anyone add me yet?

I didn’t
10 characters

What does that mean?

What does what mean

Okay whatever. Please friend request me!

Ok I will

Thanks! Whats your player name? @Ilikethisgame