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I need help!


Hello! I need your help, because I’m sure here is more experimental players than me.

Level 16 Stegosaurus
Level 14 Triceratops
Level 12 Velociraptor
Level 10 Dilophosaurus
Level 11 Pyroraptor
Level 13 Tyrannosaurus rex
Level 12 Ankylosaurus
Level 7 Delta

What you think, what I should replace? I’m at Badlands end, 1-2 victories, but now 4-5 victories away!


I’d replace the dilophosaurus by the stygimoloch and take Delta out. She’s not strong enough. Maybe put the Allosaure instead. And replace the triceratops by the einasuchus. That should be a pretty strong team!


Dilophosaurus and Delta out
Stygi and Ouranosaurus in
Would be the best, but it’s your team and you have to like it.


Thanks Jer and BadBaloon! I didn’t swap Triceratops from team, it’s now level 15, and this team work very well! Some losses have came, but they have been against Higher levelled dinos, like 17 Einiasuchus! And thanks for helping!!


I would recommend to level einiasuchs as high as possible. was the first hybrid in my team and still is pretty useful in arena 7.
you also should stop leveling triceratops now and put all the DNA in stegoceratops. :wink:


You should stop leveling stegosaurus and triceratops


Agreed with most replies here. Level your Einio hybrid and stegoceratops (stego + tri hybrid) up because those two really help me a lot in Arena 7.
Ourano is fun as well due to the rampaging stun and the swap attacks.


Yeah, I was going to suggest replacing the Dilo with an Allo, but the whole raptor dynamic here has the team way off balance from the start.


Stygi isn’t a good replacement for anything. If you need an epic, try an Erli - something that has fast strike and DoT attacks.

Beef up with a good tank. Euplo is almost immovable at higher levels, and epic Anky has instant invincibility. Apatosaurus or Argentinosaurus might be worth considering, as they are high-hp, and can really soak up the damage. Einiosuchus is good, as is Majundasuchus.


You have a good team there, but like some people said, stop leveling Stego and Triceratops - Their hybrid Stegoceratops is better than both of them together. You should also level up Einiasuchus and get her on your team, she is really amazing, she is one of my best dinosaurs and I’m in arena 7 thanks to her. Delta is great but a bit low level - I don’t know if she is good enough for your current arena, if you see she dies too fast replace her. Dilophosaurus isn’t good enough in my opinion. As for Stegosaurus, she is a good raptor counter so keep her on your team next to Stegoceratops as long as she is useful. So in summary:

-Replace Triceratops for Stegoceratops
-Replace Dilophosaurus for Einiasuchus
-Keep Delta and Stegosaurus for as long as they are useful - otherwise replace either of them for Ouranosaurus.