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I need inspiration

I know I have a thread of dinosaur requests but most of them use the same Dino’s over and over again (albertasourus). So here are some things that could work in my brain. Sauropods, amphibians, or ankilosaurs. PS I wrote this on my phone so spelling is pretty bad

I will also put up all of my Dino drawings

I’ve got one request for each of these types of creatures:

Serpentitan: Giraffatitan + Titanoboa. Essentially a sauropod with a snake head. Its colors consist of green, yellow, and blue.

Allocaulus: Arctops + Diplocaulus + Allosaurus Gen 2. Diplocaulus with an Arctops-like face and Allosaurs’s eye ridges. Its color is red with a blue back.

Scorpiocephalus: Scorpios Rex Gen 2 + Euoplocephalus. Euoplocephalus with a more square head, and giant quills instead of armor plates.

Thank you for this I am bored out of my mind

So now I have something to draw

Your welcome. Any time you need something to draw, give me a call and I might have something for it.

Alright almost done

What I have so far


If it has a move set I can add it on here too


Cleansing Shattering Strike
Instant Distracting Strike
Greater Distracting Savagery
Long Instant Distraction

Instant Distracting Strike would use the same icon as Distracting Strike, with with a priority symbol to the top right.

Greater Distracting Savagery would use the same icon as Rending Takedown, but without the shield break and with a distract symbol.

Long Instant Distraction would use the same icon as Instant Distraction.


On serpititan I accidentally ripped a drawing and that picture was behind it

So I could not even snap a pic

That’s unfortunate. If you want a new creature idea to draw, let me know.

Yeah sure

Apatogaia (Apatosaurus + Miragaia)

Has an Apatosaurus body, but a bit skinnier, has a head more similar to Miragaia, has spikes and a thagomizer, and has Miragaia’s colors.

Im sorry its taken me so long to do this one but all i need to do now is color it so u can start sending over the next batch if u want.

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Here’s the next batch, sorry for it being pretty late.

Tsintasuchus (Postosuchus + Tsintaosaurus): Postosuchus body with Tsintaosaurus colors, a longer skull, and Tsintaosaurus’s crest.

Koolagosaurus: (Koolasuchus Gen 2 + Tuojiangosaurus): Tuojiangosaurus body with partial Koola G2 colors, as well as a rounder skull, curved plates instead of spikes, and a flatter tail.

Bajatops (Andrewtops + Bajadasaurus): Andrewtops body and armor scales with Bajadasaurus teeth, spines, and coloring.