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I need more t rex dna

I can’t get any and the t rex is never available for darting anymore why,I need more t rex DNA

Rex is decently common in events, but after JP events, rex is usually limited for a little bit. It’s a global epic that is out 24/7. However there is a very diluted pool, so getting it can be hard

I’m just so close to getting indominus rex I need 30 more

Throw rex in a sanctuary. That could get you enough to get that Indom. Indom is pretty decent, although there are better epics (like monolometrodon). I would save up rex dna for tryko

I turned level 11 yesterday and once I get to level 12 I’m putting t rex in sanctuary straight away

Aw yeah trike is pretty good I’ve seen gaming beaver play with I before and it seems pretty good

I would focus on monolometrodon it’s amazing in the current meta probably the best legendary. Indoraptor is useless so ignore that. Tryko is one of the top 2 right now so definitely start building toward him. And if you wanna beat mortem start working on leveling up the rare irritator.

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I had this issue also. 2.0 came, and I only saw 1 Rex. I was working on Tryko and that thing takes a LOT of DNA to build. Of course, I got 7 10’s and 1 20. Awesome. Considering all of my rex DNA was coming from FIP, and assuming no Rex event came along, it would have taken months to finish tryko, who would then have been at LV 21…I was not to happy about all that. Considering I was seeing level 17 players with LV 22-23 Trykos, it was yet another reason to uninstall the game.

For me kentrosaurus was always the issue I always had plenty of rex.


All three for me. I saw 0 anky, 0 kentro, and 1 rex. Admittedly, I am not sure if I was even in the right zone to see anky…with the zones flipping around I was never sure where to go. But Rex being global, and with all the scents I threw and places I looked, 1…1 was pretty unacceptable to me.

Ankys are in the same zone as cevia. Kentro is in parks. The problem is just that there are so many epics in the global pool that it’s hard to get what you need. I’ve only seen 1 edaphosaurus

Well don’t worry T-rex is gonna be the next boss so you can get plenty of it.

Where they are meant to be is not the problem. I used the JWA field guide and had no issues knowing what the zones are. The issue was that zones around me are no longer static, and I was not able to find specifically where an anky would spawn. Its quite possible I was in the correct zone many times, and still not find it. I do not have many parks around me even though I am in a rural area…anytime I passed one, I never saw a kentro.

As far as global, I too have only seen 1 edaph. I saw 6-8 carbos, 0 amargo, 6-8 grypo, 1 rex, 0 euclad, 15+ darwins. That does not sound like a saturation problem, it sounds more like a suppression problem.

So did I but when I got kentro I ran out of rex lol

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It’s just random chance. And because of testicornibus week, you see more carbos than others. I have seen a bunch of smilos and euclads (before this week), but no edaphs. It’s just chance. Besides, grypo is good for grypolyth. And while the zones are jumping around, the creatures in each zone stick together

Eh, Indy doesn’t not do well in Mortem. It can do good but No one uses it tho. It does have a lot of attack, decent hp and cloak. My Indy currently at 23 has 1619 attack, 4178 hp, and 127 speed. I’m working on getting it to 24 but I’m also trying to unlock erlisominus. Maybe I can get it to 24 before racking up 200 erliko dna. It will be a beast at higher levels.

Irritatir seems good but right now Tura is the best dino to use in raids and besides manga is better in pvp and can do good in raids, I suppose.

The random chance is defined by numbers. Those numbers are entered. While game rngs are nortorious for being near statistically impossible on its output, these outputs can also be manipulated by simply changing the numbers. Its how they spawn certain dinos more for events. We cannot say its either random chance or by design without being able to see the data responsible.

It’s random chance. I get about as many wild monos as I do secos and pteranodons. You just drew differently than someone else

Again, random in this sense is defined by numbers, numbers that are entered and checked against a randomly generated number that is likely time based. But the percentages checked against the random time based number are entered and easily changed. Unless you have some print out of the data within JWA showing the trend of numbers over a given time specific to each dino, then all we have to work on is that we know these percentages change based on event dinos, otherwise we would not see an increase in event dinos. Saying again that it is all random chance is not to understand how random is generated in a system where different percentages are given to different aspects at different times. So no, it is not absolutely random chance as you keep saying. It could be to a degree, but it very well could not be. When we start seeing trends that are seen by many and have a statistical relevance to being outside of what a random system should likely produce, even through a geographical lens, it starts to give more weight to the outcomes not actually being random in how those percentages are applied. It could be random but with the percentages dropped severely but that would be what I am saying may be the case…the truth is you do not know which. So, again, we cannot say either way.

Even your own post touches on this subject:

“Rex is decently common in events, but after JP events, rex is usually limited for a little bit.”

This would occur because the percentage has been lowered.

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You’re absolutely right.
I haven’t seen a single TRex in the wild since you left.
They seem to give us the ingredients for a short time, get us to start on new dinos, then take it away!
I dunno, but it’s sure frustrating

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