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I need one of these in my life


It would be amazing. They look so life like.


Why? Its fine the way it is.


Those are from jurassic park 2.
Those are awesome!


Wait, I thought those were velociraptor… not deinonychus… have I been wrong all this time??


Those look awesome and SCARY! I can’t imagine accidentally bumping into them in the middle of the night.


We’ve tot Carnaval this weekend. Those would be nice to have. Free drinks all day, because everyone ran out of the pub. :grin:


I wonder what my dogs would do if I brought something like that home.


The velociraptors in JP/JW more closely resemble these Guys than Velos. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for dropping the knowledge!

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No problem! The Velos in JP/JW are larger than Deinos too, but the size is closer. Real Velos came up to our knees.