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I need parks!

how is that not a park,it’s like 1 hectare(10.000 square meters) i just need 1 green area!


And then 3/4 of drops in that area are strike events. :grin:

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I need too…the smaller real parks are just ignored by google maps/ludia. The nearest park in the game is 15km away from my home :smirk:
This game prefers players who live in big towns/cities :cry:

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i have parks… no reception though :neutral_face:

I have parks but they are pants.

Sat at one as I type - have dropped 12, yes, 12 common bombs trying to get dilo G2…

Not one. But hey, if it’s tany, lythro, stego, apato, hazel, ophiacodon, crocodiles (common) or iguana you’re after then sure, I get why you’re upset with no green area :sweat_smile: