I need some help

I just got to the 5th Arena Badlands but since then I am having trouble in winning too many battles,because whenever I do not have my Indominus Rex and Procerathomimus or Brontolasmus in my team,I lose very easily. If anybody could help me climb up,and recommend something for my team:-
Brontolasmus(Level 11)
Edmontoguanodon(Level 14)
Erlikogamma(Level 11)
Indominus Rex(Level 18 with Tier 1 Boosts in all fields)
Procerathomimus(Level 14)
Secodontosaurus(Level 12)
T-Rex(Level 15)
Spinotahraptor(Level 15)

Could I get some help with what to do , although Spinotahraptor is well levelled,I cannot start hybridizing for Spinotasuchus due to having only a level 12 Kaprosuchus.

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Another legendary will serve you well in Badlands, I had my Allosino and Indom when I was in Badlands

Be patient. You need legendaries. Stop using your boosts on indom and save for uniques.

Should I refund the boosts? I may want to not boost it further but just keep the boosts and refund them when indom is retiring.

@Indankraptor I really want to get it but I need Sinoceratops DNA,which I never have enough of,my Sinoceratops is level 12 ,probably a bit higher soon because my current campaign chapter has 2 battles which reward 50 Sinoceratops DNA respectively. So that is a 100 and then for the next 2 weeks,Alliance rewards give Sinoceratops,and my alliance probably makes it to around rank 5 most of the time,so that is around 114 or 143 dna I guess,but then,back to old,I have 119 sinoceratops dna which I have been gradually farming in the sanctuaries.

Yes,because of this I have been attempting stuff,I am attempting dilophoboa right now and not to mention indominus rex gen 2. @Kaan I do not always have the epic dna I need. I get loads of unwanted dna,I have only won 1 epic strike till today,that is a expert strike that took place this week.

I do not even have a level 20 indominus rex,uniques are too far away,I could only get Indomimus due to Daily missions , and now the dailies too are getting tougher like the ones to open incubators and playing 12 battles everyday is also tough. Last month dailies were T-Rex which enabled Indominus Rex , else it is a horror,sanctuaries are the only thing I have at my disposal to build on small amounts of DNA .

What else do you have? I feel that the secondonto is dragging you down. Same with gamma. Try to get sarcorixis or postimetrodon. They’re great early-game epics and sarco is really good for a good portion of the game. Thylacotator is still really good

I have Sarcorixis but am struggling to level it up. I am aiming for postimetrodon at the moment

Replace seco with sarco. What else do you got?

I would rather keep seco because of immunity though

I would say that sarco’s ferocious impact and no escape trump seco’s immunity, but seco is a great non-hybrid as well

@Indankraptor, this is a update after a while,I got Tragodistis,I have completed 1/4th of the path to Allosinosaurus,Indominus Rex Gen 2 has reached my team.

@ElEduardo this is a update I am giving later,I got Tragodistis and Indom G2 and I am 1/4th the way to Allosinosaurus,got gorgosuchus to replace Secodontosaurus.

Great job! I’ve never used Tragod but from what I have seen from the arena she works quite well against speedsters(that should be pretty common in the lower arenas), Allosino would take a while for you to notice the significance, but he’ll serve his purpose well

Allosino does a pretty good job I think,when facing the ones others have,The Instant Charge gives it a perk in many scenarios where any other chomper would lose.

Tragodistis is a Amargocephalus which can handle situations amargocephalus never could,with the stuns and speed.

That’s pretty good. Indom gen 2 can be great for you. It can take down a level 20 sarcorixis at level 11 thanks to cloak. Postimetrodon is the alliance mission this week so that should help you as well. Trago is another great tank, probably the second best legendary tank after tarkus (whuch, if you can get, you should definitely work for that)

I have Purutaurus but not even a single DNA Strand Of Wuerhosaurus,I will get Allosinosaurus Guaranteed by tomorrow,or day after tomorrow,because I have 190/200 now,just hope that the sanctuaries are good to me. I have 11/50 Sinoceratops for the Next Fuse. Indominus Rex Gen 2 is level 12,I need to use Mutual Fury and Risk it to outspend the Sarcorixis though,and that is not always a guarantee,I need to level up my Indominus Rex Gen 2,I regret not getting it earlier.

Remember, Cloak has a 75% chance to dodge, and this reduces the hurt of a ferocious impact. Based on what you said earlier, I would run giga scents at night to not only get sino, but kapro as well as I see you have a 15 spinotahraptor, and spinotasuchus is very good. I wouldn’t go gorgosuchus route unless you just decide to level gorgosuchus, as I feel it’s better than megalosuchus. I would not level brontolasmus past level 15 in case it gets a superhybrid, which is going to be insane (and brontotherium is event exclusive). Probably take rex out for allosino. What else has changed on your team?