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I need team help!

Want to know what I could improve with my team, in mid aviary

Level up Suchtator or punch it into Thylacotator and level that up (both are viable options but Thyla is the better one at busting tanks. Sucho is just good because of its versatility). A Lvl 16 Sucho is just… really bad for Mid-Aviary.

Level up your Indominus. Erlidom and Indo are both not super viable right now (though that might change) and Indom is a great creature.

I’d also like to see the rest of your creatures if possible, however I’d recommend pushing resources into:

  • Mammolania
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Quetzorion
  • Trykosaurus

You want to see all of them?

That’d be great.

Ok, give me a few

Here ya go

Right, Priority 1: Get Dodocevia and level it up. You have more than enough DNA.

Priority 2: Level up Scorpius Rex. It’s not as good as the Gen 3, but it’s still pretty good.

Priority 3: Get something like Thor or Maxima. Something that can brute-force its way through the Aviary.

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Thank you :blush:

i wont recommend using suchotator. use thor and monolorhino instead of indom and sucho

Anyone got any more suggestions?

You could start working towards smilo(unique cat)
It works well with most teams and its dna is not bad to obtain since its available in raids on Thursday and all you need for that raid is a dio/thor/toura/tryo and you have 2.
Also has good Synergy with draco if you can R&R into it.
[Edit] just looked at your dna and you have enough to start working on it, the only dna you might be short on is smilo but its not the most difficult epic to find since its a global spawn.

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Get grypolyth it’s really good

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Thank you :blush:

IMO, plow all your suchotator and marsupial lion into thyla, i can clearly see you got the coin so try to get it up as high as possible and switch it in for sucho. phorasaura can also work pretty well if you can get it to lvl 22 or higher . you can switch it in for indom