I need team suggestions

Hi hope ur having a good day. Anyway I’ll appreciate, anyway I’ll appreciate any suggestions

Your team looks really nice, If you have enough DNA, I would suggest you to work towards Scorpios Rex Gen 3 and Monolorhino…
And use them over Wooly-Rhino /Indoraptor/Monometrodon…

Great team
However dodocevia is the worst legendary flock
Try to get coelhaast, sinokotaraptor, or even argenteryx instead
Tip: don’t go for indoraptor, get erlidom instead
Don’t get CompyC, get coelhaast instead
Also try using tyrannolophosaur, enteloceros, and thylacotator as they are highly underrated
Easy but good unique to go for are stygidaryx, IndoT, diorajasaur, and dracoceratosaurus
Great team overall and I wish you luck

Your team looks really nice right now. The only things I would be focusing on are trying to unlock more uniques for your team and leveling up your current team.

I actually already working towards srg3. I just need to evolve gorgo and sfg2

Oh! Nice👍…

Dodoc is not good against other leg flocks but the doddoc is really good against fierces like thor and mortem , and when this thing go first it usually sweeps

All ppl tell me not go for indo and instead earldom but indo like my dodo is one of mymmain sweepers. I actually am working towards more unique right now I working towards srg3