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I need to have a good team, can you help?

Here’s my current team. I’m not moving Irex2, T.Rex or Procerath.

Here’s my creature collection.

So what should I move, and what should I keep?

Get out Smilodon for Suchotator, your gonna want a bleeder and you already have Procerathomimus as your dodger and distractor, I would also include sinoceratops for her SISS, and if you can combine LW of Sucho and SISS you can preform a deadly combo. If you want, you can get rid of Allosaurus for Koolasuchus, you already have 4 tank busters on your tea (T-rex, Indom G2, Puru and Seco) so I think you can use some speed control and nullification since you only have 1 of each which can nullify all effects and can control speed.

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I would drop rex for Erliko, but the level can mess you up. Minolopho would be a good choice

Allosaurus and Majundaboa aren’t that good. Suchotator and Sinoceratops would be better, especially Sino because your team desperately needs swap-utility. You ought to have at least around 2 creatures you can swap to.