I need to publicly apologize


This is going to be very frank.

I screwed up. I didnt pay attention to my own cardinal rule - rememeber: we are all people.

When alliances were created, I was invited to join sand dunes. I mentioned Id like to bring my family, and that was agreed upon and ok. The thing is, communication is hard, and so miscommunication is easy. It didnt occur to me to let the alliance know that my family is 10 people big, nor did it occur to me to bring it up - just as it didn’t occur to them to ask.

No wrong doing here, just miscommunication.

As it began to be understood just how big my family was, concerns were brought up - in a very kind and private way. It was offered that I could keep 3 or so members, but I wasn’t willing to ditch my family.

Thats when things went wrong.

I offered to leave with my family. It was explained there was a waiting list to enter SD, and they wanted to be fair. And let me state - this is a very reasonable request especially considering the limitations. However, I was hoping the answer would be “No, dont go! You can all stay.” Instead it was a very kind acceptance of may offer, stating they were sorry to see me go - and stating they hoped we would still be friends. Though i was hurt, I pretended I wasn’t and said absolutely.

I wasn’t being honest. I was hurt. Its no excuse, and I should have been better. But instead, I let it fester.

Then I deliberately started drama.

In the process I’d hurt some good folks. I did indeed make it look like SD was an elitist alliance.

And that was wrong.

I am sorry.

@Hersh , buddy, I hope you can forgive me. If nothing else, forgiveness releases a burden from us.

I hope we can all continue to be friends. The folks in Sand Dunes are good people.

I will be starting my own alliance soon, but I felt I needed to do this first. This is NOT a recruitment thread, so please dont ask about it here.

I dont even expect any responses or likes or anything. This is me, as a person, trying to make things right that I did wrong and affected other people.

Thank you for reading.


Also huge callout to @Fixibloodyhunter - thank you for giving my family an alliance to call home while we were sorting things out. You have a great alliance my friend, and I love that its family friendly.

Thank you.


It takes a great man to admit when he is wrong! An even better man to do it for all to see. My hats off to you my friend


i have nothing to do with this, but i do know @Hersh as a stand up guy and there is no way he won’t appreciate this heartfelt apology and move on as your friend. kudos to you for admitting to your mistakes, that’s what matters in life for we all make them. Good luck with your new alliance and the rest of the tournament.

p.s. stop beating me in the arena🤣


I have nothing to do with this either, but from a pure organizational point of view you really don’t want 20% of your team came from the same family, it has the tendencies to become a clique within the alliance. Not really good for group dynamics …

As a side note, now I know why Sand Dunes got full so fast …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My dear friend. Obviously your apology is accepted, but as long as you have found an alliance that fits your groups needs, that’s all that matters. I wish my family was as involved in this game as yours is, even if just casually. The purpose has always been to bring people closer together so I can’t tell how happy I am to have our friendship surivive past such events as this.

We do go back a long way, and I hope that extends long into the future as well. It’s always been a pleasure speaking with you here and facing you in the arenas and I’m relieved to see that this isn’t changing. We do miss you my friend and I hope that your new team fits the needs of everyone in your clan.

Wishing you nothing but the best

Your pal,


Gosh I don’t even have 10 members in my family let alone any that would play JWA (well… my sister maybe but she’s too hooked on final fantasy :wink:! I wondered why you’d gone and we certainly do miss you(!!) Totally understand both sides though and glad there’s no animosity. See ya on the battlefield x



@wrothgar and @Hersh im glad that you guys were able to hash this out. i hate when family fights and thats how it felt. due to ludias limit/cap on alliances this had to come down to this. hopefully in the future they increase the limit and we can be one again. Hersh, i did extend my hand to wrothgar and told him that if he needed help i would form an alliance with him so that he wasnt lonewolf out there without a home. I would hope that you would understand if we ended up doing that. Im glad to here wrothgar has a home now and is not alone. my offer is still there if anything ever happens. always glad to help.


Is there an attractive cousin or something I can get at to be a part of this wayward group?


@Wrothgar, you are still a part of the family and, believe me when I say so, we all miss you… Best of luck with your new alliance!


@wrothgar It was a brave thing of you to do this publicly. And I admired you for that. Things happen for a reason. Both parties we’re given their opinions. Some are bit harsh, some trying to make the issue a big deal. And I guess after these, everything will be back to normal. You will be missed in our SD Alliance together with your family. But as the saying goes… the show must go on. Enough that you showed courage and humility and we appreciated it well. Right @Hersh and the rest of our SD family… :v::ok_hand::clap:


Hope All of you enjoy and get fun in this game.
Makes family play together in this game it’s awesome. Wow …family is all of part of our life.


@wrothgar - fair play mate; this game and all the associated forums suck up a lot of time and its scary the emotional attachment that can bring - it is also so easy for misunderstandings to arise. :clap::clap:


I felt like I was part of your family and I had fun with you guys!


All the best Wrothgar. Will keep eye on your alliance friend!


Fair play to you Wrothgar , it’s a strong and brave man who admits he messed up .
And Hersh , a proper stand up guy and in the short time I’ve been on these forums , it’s obvious you would bear no malice .
Me , my wife and our son are in an alliance together , and we appreciate being in the same one too .


You’re a good dude, dude. @wrothgar


Same here and I do admit that I did stoke the fire up quite a bit but at the heat of the moment it just felt like the right thing to do eventhough I am certain that @wrothgar didn’t need anyone to “protect” him. Henceforth, I will apologise to @Hersh again here and to all the members of Sand Dunes.


your intentions to “stoke the fire up” were transparent. I do reccomend you be patient before involving yourself as an uninformed third party.

Instigating drama in the disguise of offering “protection” is unbecoming.